These documents contain useful information on our local waterways:

Unfortunately our rivers and estuaries have suffered some damage as a result of development pressures and poor decisions in the past.
The pictures below illustrate some of the problems.

September 2002- Murray River at Ravenswood

August 2002 Serpentine River

Shows washed out trees. Possibly the result of the Dawesville Cut. This is the starting point of the historical crossing of the Harvey Estuary - cattle drives.

These photographs by Vic Beacham show the further degradation of the river banks and the shoreline Heron Point, Harvey Estuary. September 2002

Murray River. Pictures showing bank erosion 11/2 km downstream from Ravenswood Bridge

Murray River near Jim Jam. Pictures showing bank erosion 1999 Photographer - Vic Beacham

Serpentine River. Pictures showing bank erosion 1999 Photographer - Vic Beacham

View Across Estuary from Viewing Platform on Estuary Road

Birchmont 13 Km from Cut.
Approx. 500 m depth of shore damaged.
Tide not yet at peak.

Closeup of Trees

Mealup Point

Harvey Estuary Late 1999 - The Dying Trees are Mainly Casuarinas

1995 Mandurah Estuary From Western End of Bypass Bridge looking south

1995 South of Western End of Estuary Bridge

April 2000 Western End of Bypass Bridge.

April 2000 Western Shore of Bypass Bridge.
Looking North Towards Bridge.

Mandurah Estuary Comparisons

Murray River Adjacent to Jim Jam House Ravenswood. Approx. 1/2 km North of Ravenswood Bridge. Looking South

Serpentine River Approx.500m. East of Barragup Bridge. Southern Bank of River (Murray Shire).

Rivers That Flow Into the Estuary. December 1999

Thanks to Brad Jakowyna of Waters and Rivers Aquatic Branch for permission to use this map of monitoring sites reproduced from Nutrients in Tributary Inflows to the Peel-Harvey Estuarine System, Western Australia. Status and Trend.